What the Stimulus Bill Means for Nano

The recent $800 billion stimulus package signed into law in February has the potential to push nano research forward.  A recent news story from The Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies states:

The nearly $800 billion stimulus package being debated in Congress contains a number of measures intended to improve information technology, infrastructure and the energy economy in the United States – all areas that will be greatly aided by nanotechnology. However, without an increased focus by the federal government on possible risks posed by engineered nanomaterials, many of the potential societal advancements created by the emerging technology could be compromised.

Clearly the Obama administration is invested in areas where a great deal of nano research is focused, such as the development of new battery technologies and cheaper and more efficient solar panels.  However this article notes that the percentage of federal dollars spent on assessing the potential risks associated with nanotech is still too far too low, potentially jeopardizing future nanotech research.


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