Nobel Prize Winner Gives Talking Nano Two Thumbs Up

Nobel Prize winner Sir Harold Kroto reviewed Talking Nano in Materials Today, and gave our 6-DVD set two thumbs up.  It’s always gratifying to receive positive feedback on our work, and particularly from someone whose work has been so important in the field of nanotech.  Read about Sir Harry Kroto here (Wikipedia) or here (his personal site).  An excerpt of the Materials Today review follows:

‘Nanotechnology and the consumer’ by David Rejeski -David Rejeski’s lecture was the most interesting. I did not expect to be as interested in it as the others but to my surprise I felt it was the best and arguably the most important.  He overviewed many of the key issues and especially the socio-economic factors surrounding nanoscience and his assessment of the hazards kept my attention throughout. The most important aspect was that he made use of a wide range of statistically significant data and explained it well. I would say it was the most important overview of the field and should be seen by as many journalists as possible so that the media are well-informed with up-to-date and expert advice. It is a very good teaching presentation for scientists as well as for the public. I rate it as one of the most important science/society presentations I have heard, and very well presented too.


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